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Fluent communication



An exceptional knowledge of their working languages, extremely high concentration, analytical thinking, a broad education, and the talent to accurately convey messages at the time that they are uttered. Add to that the mastery of two and often more languages, quick reactions, extensive cultural and social background knowledge, and the willingness to delve into new, highly specific areas. The completion of a university degree, the very basic requirement for all of our interpreters, is almost nothing in comparison.

Regardless of whether you require a team of simultaneous interpreters for your convention or the assistance of a consecutive interpreter for negotiations with foreign business partners, we provide you with our most experienced interpreters to help ensure your success.


We leave nothing to chance in the interpreting equipment we use, either. From the microphones to the control consoles, the speaker system, the infrared receivers, and the interpreting booths all the way to professional service from experienced technicians, you can rely on the modern equipment of Brähler ICS to ensure top-quality, reliable interpretation. A qualified technician is provided on site to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Wireless microphones are used for presentations with follow-up discussions.

We will also be happy to arrange audio and video recording for your conference. Our technical services are available in all of Austria.

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